Remitly offers a flexible and inspiring work experience

We find connection through our customers, mission, and values—not our location.

Picture this: You’re most inspired working remotely, so you start each day working from your own space. You use digital tools to engage with your coworkers and you also have in-person opportunities to connect with your team for moments that matter. You have the choice and flexibility to live in a city you’ve always loved – in a community that brings you closer to your favorite pastimes or the loved ones you enjoy spending time with.

Or maybe you do your best work from one of our beautiful offices. You start your day with energizing meetings on your calendar. You connect and collaborate with your team and community of coworkers to share ideas and new ways of thinking. You enjoy lunch in the office along with some lively conversation, and then decide to head back home to finish up your day.

Together, we’ve shared our learnings and varied experiences to continuously improve and add flexibility to the ways we work. And now, we have seven global offices and more than 2,200 employees across the world that continue to be unified by our vision to transform the lives of immigrants and their families by building the most trusted financial services on the planet.  

As a global team, we are connected through our customers, vision, and mission – not our location. Our employees can live and work with flexibility, while prioritizing in-person touchpoints to come together for moments that matter. We continue to be guided by our culture and inspired by the work we get to do together as one team.

Future of work

We’ve reimagined what the future of work is at Remitly, and it’s based on a belief that work is not the place you go – it’s what you do. Whether you work from home or one of our offices, we’ll continue to focus on offering an inspiring, productive, and equitable experience for everyone. 

Work where you’re most inspired

We trust our exceptional people to deliver on their promises. Each of us works in our own way and we default to autonomy for our employees to choose between being office based or fully distributed

Office based employees can choose to work from the office 1-5 days a week. A fully distributed employee works nearly exclusively from a home office or virtual location, with supported travel for in-person moments that matter 2-4 times per year. 

A small number of corporate roles will be required to be in the office to perform their core job responsibilities, and we’ll always be clear on what roles those are. 

Our Customer Success teams in Manila, Managua, and Cork will primarily work in an office environment to provide our customers with a continuous support experience and deliver peace of mind. 

Remitly employees join a global team meeting.

Choices for where you live and work

Our team also has the flexibility to choose where they live. U.S. and international employees are welcome to live anywhere within the country they’re currently employed. We will use the same set of pay ranges for all of our employees within a country, no matter where they live, and their compensation won’t change if they move within that country. 

Benefit from flexibility

While we’re committed to building inclusive and equitable work practices for all our employees, everyone will benefit from flexibility in ways unique to their work mode.

Our office based employees will benefit from the flexibility of scheduling which days they come into the office, core collaboration and networking days in the office, assigned desks, and commuter benefits.

In addition to remote work flexibility, our fully distributed employees will also benefit from a standard home office setup and networking events to encourage cross-functional collaboration.

We have 10 affinity groups that celebrate the diversity at Remitly and are open to all who self-identify, self-affiliate, or are an aspiring ally. Pictured: Remitly employees attend a fireside chat hosted by Asian-ish and First Generation Immigrants Affinity Groups during which employees shared their immigration journey and explored how to be an ally in support of immigrant communities.

Come together for moments that matter

One of our cultural values at Remitly is joyful, which represents how lucky we are to serve our customers and mission, to solve fascinating problems, and to work and have fun with talented colleagues. As we commit to the future of work, we’re also strengthening our community through intentional connection and in-person moments that matter.

Every employee will be expected to participate in company-wide and team-based in-person moments that matter and we’ll support travel for our fully distributed employees.

Join Us

By now you can see that for us, the future of work is not merely the composite of two work experiences, one from the office and another from home; instead, it is how we further create a culture of connection, equity of opportunity, and work-life harmony together, while delivering on our promises to customers.

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