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Join us as we work to transform lives with trusted financial services that transcend borders.

Matt Oppenheimer

CEO/Co-Founder, Remitly

We’re Just
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Our business has the opportunity to really transform hundreds of millions of lives around the planet.”

Since 2011, our focus has been on underserved communities with limited access to financial services.

See what a few of our customers have to say…


“For me it is very important to have a fast and secure way to send money to Mexico to my family. And in Remitly I have found it, because I believe that they value every penny of my money with which I can help my loved ones, since the work situation there is very hard and the money I send is very useful. Because of the exchange rate that the company offers, my money means a lot more. Thank you for supporting us in this important way.”


“Using Remitly is the most simple and painless platform I use for anything – it’s so simple. It understands it’s predictive. It knows what I’m going to do. Yeah. All the information. Once I’ve put people’s names and addresses and phone numbers in, and I just click on there and send the money and I love that I can either put in dollar amounts or peso amounts. And it just is an instant conversion and exchange rates are pretty good and the fees are excellent compared to others. And it’s just so simple to have absolutely no problems….I love Remitly.”


“Before I discovered Remitly, I tried others and they made it very difficult. Remitly is easy, trustworthy, and affordable. I will always use it for sending money to those I love. Thank you.”


“Everything was up front, no hidden fees and a good exchange rate. This service will help me send money to my wife and child reliably. :)”

Our Cultural Values

We are dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion,
and community involvement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI is deeply rooted in our purpose and mission at Remitly. 

To effectively serve millions of customers who send money home to their families, it requires teams of committed individuals who demonstrate a deep level of empathy, genuine curiosity, value varied lived experiences, perspectives and backgrounds, and appreciate the different ways we all think, process, present, and operate. The working environment and culture at Remitly and the ways of working we employ, are designed to inspire and unlock everyone’s best thinking. 

All of this is made clear by the way we live our cultural values that show up in how we engage with each other, our customers and the immigrant communities we serve all over the world.

Social Impact

When immigrant communities have access to financial tools and resources, they change the future for themselves and their loved ones. They also transform the local economies where they live and work, as well as the countries where they send money.

Remitly has joined Pledge 1% and through Remitly’s charitable giving programs, we invest in and support the organizations and coalitions who are committed to improving economic, financial and social inclusion of immigrants and their families.

Amazingly Hard Tech, Socially Forward

Customer-centric products

Re-imagine the world of financial products and serve the unique  customer needs and use cases across hundreds of immigrant communities.

Use the latest technology

Use the latest technologies including Golang,  Kubernetes, React Native, AWS, Machine Learning, and many others for product and technical innovation.

Via autonomous teams

Work on small, high velocity and autonomous teams tackling challenging problems in areas like Payments, Compliance,
Fraud, Treasury, Mobile, Security, Customer Experience and more.

Global scale and impact

Build systems and products for high availability, scale, and resilience given our global reach and the critical impact of financial services on our customers’ lives.

Work with world-class engineers

Be part of a collaborative, growth-oriented, and inclusive culture where open dialog, continuous improvement and customer-centered outcomes are celebrated.

We offer rewarding careers to diverse employees who believe in the power of technology from the heart.

Customer Success

Data Science & Machine Learning






UX Design

Kimy Domingo

Fraud Detection, Mitigation, and Risk Team Manager

My team in Manila reviews each case and several account attributes related to fraud trends, making sure that we are able to recommend or suggest changes to our system to make it more precise in capturing fraud transactions. One thing I love about my team is our passion. Our passion to help our customers out. We want our customers to feel that they’re using our platform because they trust how secure it is and they know that we’re protecting their best interests.”

Yuhang An

Senior Machine Learning Engineering

At Remitly I am passionate about applying advanced machine learning techniques to detect fraud and build the most secure financial services for our customers. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment with talented coworkers and making an impact on our business.”

Emily McMahon

Engineering Manager, Product ML

The data-engineering team’s ultimate goal is to enable human and machine decision making. In order to do this, we have to solve extremely technical challenges to support the delivery of larger volumes of data at lower latencies. We also have challenges regarding the use of the data we deliver such as, are we collecting data responsibly? Do we understand the meaning of the data? and are we making data informed decisions across the company? I love my team’s empathy. People are generous with their time and knowledge. We are truly a team.”

Thibaud Maudry

Sr. Manager, Treasury Data Analytics

My team, in partnership with the Engineering team, is building a cutting edge framework to measure, manage and optimize Remitly’s financial risks in real time. This is a super exciting project as it requires us to solve a lot of complex problems and more importantly as it reinforces our ability to provide our customers with the most trusted financial service products on the planet.”

Beryl Opondo

Senior Product Marketing Manager

One of the things I love most about Remitly is its culture. Our cultural values are not just statements on a website or a wall – they are truly reinforced daily in the way we interact with each other and our customers are at the center of everything we do. My role as a product marketer is especially fulfilling because I get to work with talented and supportive colleagues across multiple functions to deliver on our promises to our customers.”

Mike Foster

VP, Remitly for Developers

I’m responsible for a team that is creating a new B2B enterprise API product we call Remitly for Developers. At Remitly we like to say “We’re Just Getting Started”. We have so much in front of us that we can do for our customers. For my team, the near future involves a public launch of our service and reaching our Product/Market Fit milestones. More broadly, I’m really excited to see where the next phase of digital currency and payments infrastructure innovation globally will take us.”

Vamsi Narla

Director, Marketing Products

My team helps acquire and retain customers by solving our marketing teams’ challenges through building new products and applying technology that enables them to succeed. We collaborate closely and have fun while delivering meaningful impact.”

Lauren Curtis

Creative Product Design Lead

The product designers at Remitly are the voice of our customers and are responsible for ensuring the customer is represented in the design decisions we make when we work with our partners in product and engineering. We have the opportunity to serve those that are underserved and create the best possible experience for them – making complex problems simple and easy to understand so they feel confident that the money they send back home makes it there safely. We do this by sweating the customer experience details, and visual designs, and finessing the details with our developers. Most importantly, we support each other and ensure all voices are heard as a product design team!”


Global Employees…
and growing


Affinity Groups


different employee-spoken languages


Global Offices

*Affinity groups celebrate the diversity at Remitly. Affinity groups are open to employees in all locations who self-identify, self-affiliate, or are an aspiring ally with a desire to learn and support the voices and work of the affinity group(s).

We offer industry leading benefits and compensation packages.

Continuing Education or Travel Stipend

Spend up to $1,000 per year on costs related to continuing education or on travel to countries Remitly serves, allowing you to gain insights to our customer’s journeys.

Office Culture

All of our office spaces offer our employees a place to collaborate and celebrate. With locally sourced artwork and vibrant designs, they create an environment that all can enjoy.

Flexible PTO, Schedules and Leaves

Fill your cup up outside of work and take advantage of our generous paid time off policies, leave policies, and flex working hours to ensure you are able to meet the demands of life outside of work.

DEI Learning Opportunities

Tap into the learning routines, resources and affinity groups Remitly provides to help you further your own DEI journey.

Community Engagement

Contribute to the communities we serve through volunteering, employee giving, or civic advocacy.

Inclusive Benefits

Remitly provides rich benefit plans intended to cover the needs of our diverse teammates.

We are a global company with a global mission.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, we also have employees working across 10 other offices and 2 BPOs.

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